Shameless Girl – Diary of The Unsanskari

Pulling out the private parts in public is considered fully normal for men. But, at the same time, if a girl wears shorts, all the eyes get stuck on her as if she has done something unimaginable. What is wrong with us? Why do we see women like objects. It’s high time we change this. Girls, it is time to reject the restrictions and embrace your comfort. They are in no position to judge you. So, wear whatever you like to wear.

A born rebel. An untamable dreamer. A wild fountain of creativity. Questioning and challenging the ways and rules of the society, she has always chosen to swim against the flow and live life on her own terms. She firmly believes that, “Words are the sharpest weapons”. Now, the tenacious writer is knitting these weapons together to smash the longstanding taboos and stereotypes of our society that go against the basic freedom of women.
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