We are changing our name from ‘I Taak Naansense’ to ‘AK Shinni Mixtape’

Hello everyone,

After a lot of discussions and thinking, we are going to change our brand name from I Taak Naansense to AK Shinni Mixtape.

This will be effective immediately. We want to touch a lot of new verticals. We hope that you’ll show us much more support.


Team AK Shinni Mixtape.

A flamboyant companion. An unstoppable revolutionary. An empathetic human being. He has always chosen to see the world around him through his own unique perspective. He has an unbiased sense of justice and believes that the basic rights have cleverly been denied to women since ages. He strongly condemns the roots of gender bias and strives to level up the unfair difference that the society has created between men and women.
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